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I was born in the Kurdish province of Iraq, and moved to Syria 3 years later. Then at the age of 6,  flew over to Norway which is where I grew up.

At the age of 20, I moved to London to do the BA (HONS) Actor Musicianship course at Rose Bruford College, and graduated in 2019.  Through the course of my study I trained as a classical and modern actor working on various projects with directors trained in different theatre styles. As an actor musician, we were also taught how to incorporate our music skills into theatre performances and musicals. So as well as being the actor we were also instrumentalist. The school offered us workshops with musicians from all around the world, as well as people top in our buisness.

In my second year at Rose Bruford, I started a theatre company named Liars Lovers Loser's Luck. We've performed both in Norway and London. Our productions aim to educate children and teenagers through theatre and music.

My interest in representing Kurds and telling the world about our history and current political situations has grown stronger and stronger. I've been lucky and keep encountering productions with Kurdish characters in it.

I started at Rose Bruford college as a performer, and graduated as an artistic director, writer, creator and an activist.


Saya is Performer, Writer & Producer

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